Why Deep Breathing Helps.

By Mateo Sison

Want to feel better? Deep breathing helps to release endorphins: the feel good and natural pain killer. Moreover, these hormones can help aid you in sleeping more soundly.

There are many more advantages of deep breathing, however, one particular advantage is helping your muscles to relax. Especially after a long hard day of work. Our bodies are designed for bouts of work followed by bouts of rest. Deep breathing can provide for a big part of that rest period.

People suffering from asthma can get a breath of relief knowing that studies have shown that deep breathing exercises can help by making the muscles in and around the stomach stronger with continued deep breathing practice.

A good measure of deep breathing can be seen by the rising of the stomach, no the chest, on the breath in. A good way to measure this would be to find a quiet place where you can sit and relax for a moment. Put one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach and be watchful of which is rising first. The Stomach should rise before the chest does.

Your breaths should be slow and long to give your body the chance to absorb as much of the oxygen as possible. Intake should be through the nose in very even draws, beginning and ending at the same speed.

Keep monitoring the stomach and chest to be sure you are doing it right, but if for some reason you don't master the concept at first, don't allow yourself to become stressed.

As with everything else, the benefits will be optimal if you practice practice practice. When practice becomes 2nd nature in a relaxed environment, branch out with the technique and use it during everyday activities.

With practice, you should be able to develop a habit of deep breathing exercises so that it becomes second nature. The more time you spend breathing properly, the less stressful your life will be. - 31856

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You May Want To Try A Telepathy Test?

By Rickie Evans

To measure an individuals psychic abilities there are numerous telepathy test available. However, there is an element of luck in many of these tests. But over a period of time and many trials, the results will show your telepathic abilities. And alleviate any guessing as to your ability.

Some of the simpler telepathy tests are designed to simply see if you have any psychic ability at all. Others are designed to give a measure of your strength and range.

It is best to keep in mind that all of the telepathic skill-set includes ESP, precognition, telepathy and clairvoyance. And developing one may lead to an increase in other powers of telepathy by default.

It's possible to access your own sub-conscious using meditation and deep breathing exercises that help to open your mind and expand your focus. These exercises can often help you access more aspects of your psychic and telepathic skills and help to develop that part of your mind responsible for these skills.

Regardless the amount of your telepathic or psychic powers, at the moment, your telepathy skills and the strength range of your skills can be developed even further. It is, however, hard to know in what area you may need improvement. This can be accomplished with a telepathy test.

Solo Telepathy Test

The quickest solo telepathy test you can use is to try and predict who's calling you whenever the telephone rings. If you're using a cell phone with caller ID, don't look at the screen. Take a moment to concentrate and think about who wants to talk to you.

Make a decisive guess and then answer the phone. Over the next several phone calls you receive, measure your results. This can give you an indication of your level of telepathic ability.

Many people report knowing who's on the phone even before they answer, but they do this on an unconscious level. Most people are able to learn to focus this ability on a conscious level over a period of time.

A Quick Psychic Test

It is sometimes a possibility, with a prop like a coin, to test your psychic ability. A quiet spot is important to find, before you sit and begin to test for your possible skills in this area. Complete quiet, without any distracting noises like any sudden sounds, TV's and the such.

Relax and clear your mind by taking a little time to exercise. Do deep breathing, this will help to relax you. After this you take a coin and toss it in the air and predict which side it will land on. Heads or tails. Mark your results after several attempts.

There is a 50/50 chance you will guess correctly and you could have psychic ability if the score is above the 50%. This ability can be developed further.

The Basic Telepathy Test

The simplest form of testing for telepathy are the cards. Two people would be needed to use the form of testing with psychic flash cards.

The location should be quiet, without interruptions, where you both can sit and face each other and concentrate. One person will be the sender and the other person will be the receiver. The sender needs to keep the cards away from the receivers view and then send an image of the card, that he is looking at, to the receiver.

This can take quite a bit of practice for the sender to focus and concentrate on the image they want the receiver to pick up.

The receiver needs to concentrate on images or impressions they may see in their mind's eye. Do not try to second guess what you see. First impressions are what you should say as they come into your mind.

Write your responses down for the entire set of flash cards. Be sure to take into consideration the element of luck. There will be responses that may be a lucky guess. A high level of correct answers may indicate possible latent psychic abilities. These could be developed over time.

Also, this particular type of test is not always best to use as a telepathy test. Your partner (sender) may not be strong in his psychic abilities and this may result in his sending weak images and can mess up your results.

Here is An Intermediate Telepathy Test

Once you notice your results beginning to improve with the basic telepathy test, you should increase your range a little. The easiest way to do this would be to conduct the basic telepathy card test, but sit in separate rooms and use a speaker phone or baby monitor or any other device where you can verify what images the receiving person sees.

Again, patients and some practice will be needed. It is sometimes more difficult to send images over distances. It's more difficult to pick images up with the possibility of outside interference between sender and receiver.

Many tests for telepathy are available for you to use. You can use them to check for psychic ability and also to practice your skills and to strengthen them. Choose a telepathy test that will fit in with your schedule and that also feels comfortable to you. - 31856

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Advanced Audio Meditation CDs Produce Extremely Deep Meditation!

By Alison Mills

Did you realise that folks who meditate habitually every single day are far more happier, calm, relaxed and stress free than the rest of us?

Did you also know that meditators are much healthier, enjoy more longevity (which means a longer life span) and are generally in a much better state of well being than the rest of us?

Well, as a matter of fact, research has shown that meditation dramatically reduces stress, enhances the vital functions of the body and mind and can even reverse the effects of all kinds of dis-eases (most notably cancer!).

Habitual meditators have also been discovered to be generally much smarter than most people. Brainwave patterns of those who meditate daily show superior brain functioning, which has been proven many times over in scientific research.

Experienced meditators are known to be tapping into 'hidden' talents and abilities that lie deep in the mind, that you never even knew you had! In fact, many philosophers believe that during meditation you are accessing the all powerful sub-conscious mind, which is the doorway to the source power of Infinite Intelligence... The supreme power of the Universe that supplies us with guidance and AHA moments of inspiration during meditation.

Further studies have also revealed that meditation produces certain types of brain chemicals that are experienced during states of euphoria, you know those days when you just feel on top of the world and everything is going your way? Well, practicing meditation can enhance the production of the type of brain chemicals that are responsible for these 'euphoric' feelings that make you feel so good! And can help you to become happier and happier.

So with all the amazing benefits of meditation being so widely accepted, proven and known around the world, why isn't everyone doing it?

Well, that is a great question indeed... What we have found is that the majority of people just don't make the time to meditate, it is not a habit they have formed in their lives, they might not know how to do it or they think it is only for 'new age hippies'!

We also regularly find that some people who have given meditation a go just don't have the patience to stick with it, therefore they didn't get the results they were after right away, so they didn't follow through with it. I mean let's face it, you could literally spend years and years of practice in order to become an experienced and adept meditator...

We knew there had to be a way to get the best of both worlds - all the phenomenal benefits of meditation without the years and years of hard work and practice needed to get there by following the traditional methods of meditation...

Furthermore, it is a commonly known fact that people's attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter and shorter because of all the things competing for our attention on any given day... This makes it even more difficult for people to get into meditation because we are so used to our minds being over active all the time!

Now, because we were determined to find a way that average people could experience deep meditation and at the same time cut out the learning curve and years of practice required with traditional meditation methods, we eventually stumbled onto an amazing scientific based meditation system that works for everybody!

The most amazing thing is that first time users will experience the exact same deep meditative state of mind as a 10 year mediation master would experience with this system!

How is this possible? Well, we found a scientific system that stimulates your brain with specific brainwave frequencies that will guide your mind into deep meditation every time! - 31856

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Astral Projection Methods for the First Timer

By T James Jordan

The specific methods of astral projection vary, but one thing always stays the same. No matter what astral projection methods you use, the first step is always getting focused and relaxed. You have to have a quiet mind and a mind set that will let you reach beyond your physical boundaries. Once you do this you are ready to explore the endless universe.

Focused relaxation is not easy. One must simultaneously relax every muscle and still every thought all while maintaining the presence of mind to stay conscious. The most common reason an astral projection attempt fails, in fact, is because the candidate does not maintain his or who focus through the relaxation phase of the process, and thus, simply falls asleep.

To start getting into the necessary relaxed state you should prepare by dressing in loose clothing. Sit is a place where you won't be distracted or disturbed. You should avoid laying down as a beginner since it is too easy to become too relaxed in that position and fall asleep.

Now you will imagine that your whole body is wrapped like a mummy You are tightly wrapped in a bandage from head to toe with everything being tightly constricted. Starting at your toes you will begin unwrapping the bandages. The blood flow returns to toes and you can now wiggle them as they are free.

Imagine next the balls of the feet, the arches, the heels and the ankles also being unwrapped in this way. Continue the process until the chin, the sinus cavities of the face, and the tip of the scalp are all free.

Now with you body relaxed and your mind still alert you are ready. You can move on to trying one of the methods of astral projection.

One of the main astral projection methods is called the rope method. This requires a little preparation before you start the relaxation phase. Tack a rope above you so it is within reach. It will help with the mental visualization as you can reach up and touch it as needed.

With the rope in place your astral fingers can find it easily. You will float up to the rope and be able to use it during your astral projection. You may not find it too easy to use the rope at first, but eventually you will be able to do it easily. Keep focused.

Find the rope and picture your astral body leaving your physical body and climbing the rope. Your astral body doesn't weight anything so give no consideration to weight. Stay focused on climbing and moving up the rope. You may become a bit dizzy, but try not to focus on that as it could mess up the projection.

Continue "climbing" the rope until liberated from the physical body, all the while ignoring any sensations of vertigo, nausea, humming, warming, heaviness and/or tingling that may accompany the process. Any and all of these sensations are normal to a successful astral projection experience.

Variations of the rope method include the lift method, in which one visualizes him or herself pulling upward from the physical body and hovering above it; the roll out method, in which an individual envisions him or herself rolling to either side of the physical body (works best when lying down), as well as the fixed and moving anchor method.

In the fixed method you would visualize an object that you are pulling your astral self towards. In the anchor method you feel as if that object is pulling you towards it. The act of pulling towards or being pulled towards removes the astral body from the physical body. When your body is free it is time to explore.

Astral projection methods take time to master. You will need to practice and learn the process. It is important to keep a positive attitude as you work. Your first attempts may not be successful, but you should keep trying. Unsuccessful attempts can be due to many different things like distractions, not being relaxed enough or not being in control of your mind or body.

The more dedicated the individual, however, the sooner he or she will be able to troubleshoot these issues, master the methods of astral projection, and ultimately, transcend the limitations of the physical body. - 31856

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Hypnotists Stop Smoking Rapidly And Efficiently

By David Hughes

The fact that smoking has many harmful after-effects is known to everyone who can read and write. Cigarette packets are also engraved with signs warning potential users. Health experts all over the world advise people to quit smoking for a happy and healthy life. Scientific and medicinal journals and other related literature are generated every year in thousands to warn people from using the material. Even with all these precautions, millions die every year due to illnesses caused by cigarette smoke and even family members of these people are not spared. Many smokers fail to get back to normal life even if they wanted to. Here, hypnosis comes across an oasis in the desert as it is true that hypnotists stop smoking permanently.

Human mind is sometimes unpredictable and those with an inherent problem of indecisiveness in their day-to-day life are the ones who fall prey to self image-creating vices like smoking, gambling etc. Heavy smoking is thus the child of a weak and unsteady mind. Even though there are many therapies, self-controlling tactics etc to control habitual smoking, they have not been excessively successful so far. This is because most smokers have either no self-will or belief that they can escape from the deadly addiction.

So what should be done? The best and permanent solution is to strengthen the mind so that it can defeat the temptation. Our mind can be compared with a computer chip. You program something into it, and it would function smoothly according to the program. Likewise, hypnotists stop smoking by installing some instructions into your mind while it is in a state of trance.

Through hypnosis, you are made to relax by entering into a trance like situation. Then the hypnotist would touch your subconscious mind by giving a set of instructions and suggestions customized for quitting smoking. You come back to the reality, slowly and gradually, after the session.

The success rate of hypnosis has been very high that more than two-thirds of such treatment became permanently successful. It has been proved beyond doubt that this method of smoking cessation is way ahead of other treatments. In the present situation, smokers do not have spent their life in misery and guilt since hypnotists stop smoking with ease and poise. - 31856

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Easy Ways To Meditate At Workplace - Secret Steps Revealed!

By Trevor Johnson

The fast paced world of today is filled with lives lived with so much busyness at work and other worldly things. With all this hassles and stress, people lose the chance to take time to confront one's self and listen to what the inner man in you wants to say. With this, meditation can be seen as a task impossible to do. But this could bring good news to you that there are actually steps and easy ways to meditate even when you are at work.

The first step is the most basic thing that you can do: relaxation. You can just have a silent vow for several minutes. In this way, you can relax your mind instead of wasting your time gossiping around. Bring in your favorite quote or music in order to help you relax. Recite the quote and listen to music as you remain seated in your cubicle.

Second, compared to your timed lunch and break times, you can meditate anytime during work. For example, one way is going to the restroom and relax for a while. You can even visit your favorite quiet place in the office to meditate.

But there would be times that leaving your work station is impossible. Again, you can just sit in your place and find a focal point. You will focus your attention on this point while listening to your music. Just keep in mind to get a focal point that is within your eye level. In this way, you will not have a neck strain.

Now that you have your focal point set, you can now start doing breathing exercises until you are relaxed. If you got interrupted, you can just go back meditating. After all, you're still breathing so it's easy to get back in that routine.

Work is a place that has a lot of stressors and distraction. But by practicing these easy ways to meditate, you will definitely be able to meditate in the place where you least expect to focus. Doing this will not only keep your mind more focused but will also make you feel rejuvenated inside. - 31856

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Introducing Lung Cancer Prognosis

By Anne Durrell

Being diagnosed with lung cancer can be very scary. Most people want to know their lung cancer prognosis. Knowing the prognosis can help you to understand your treatment and how you will deal with your diagnosis.

About Prognosis

A lung cancer prognosis is an opinion backed by medical evidence as to what is likely to happen now that you have been diagnosed with lung cancer. The prognosis for each patient will be very individualized and can vary. The prognosis can vary due to:

* Type of cancer

* Location of cancer

* Stage of cancer

* The possibility of cancer spreading

* How old the patient is

* General health of the patient

* How the patient act in response to treatment

A lung cancer prognosis is simply an opinion, though. It is not an accurate prediction of what will exactly happen. It can take a little time for the doctor to create a good prognosis because it will be researched to ensure it is as accurate as possible.

Help from a Prognosis

The lung cancer prognosis can assist you to map the course of therapy, recognize what you have to change in your life as well as make judgment about where to go from here. The doctor will work with you to assist you understand what stage your cancer is at and how that will influence your therapy and your life.

Discovering your Prognosis

You can do a search and use medical sites to find accurate information that will let you really understand your diagnosis.

It is essential, though, to keep an eye on misleading information on lung cancer. A crucial thing to remember is that people can make a web site about lung cancer prognosis and then publish the information, even if the prognosis is not accurate.

You must also keep in mind that not everyone will have the same experiences with lung cancer. The disease may run its course differently with different people. - 31856

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